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How to get RedName on To get redname you need to be well known in Agmas community, And be friendly to everyone. Requirements:You will need atleast 1,000 subscribers. And good videos with agma content. Its not nessesary but you also need atleast 200-500 views per agma video. Video: the editing has to to much with ur success on ur channel. And you need good content for the viewers to keep them statisfied so you can earn they sub. Most of the tricks to have a good video is at the sound and music, the musis needs to be synched if you have no idea that im talking about its when the musics beat goes up and something cool in the same moment happends on video. You can download sound effects here Sound Effects
How to become a supporter on agmas community? Being a supporter on Agma's community is a really overpowerd role, And to get at that poin you will need alot of time and hard work, You can start supporting now at agmas Discord server Join now You can help users, be active on chat and maybe if you can even make creative stuff for the game. You can also do the same think with Agarioforoums.netBy posting stuff about the game helping people. And many other stuff.
I want to upload a video on agma.ios official channel? Yes anyone can do that, You need to have a 10 minute video long with cool clips, its not required to have it 10 min long but more longer the video the better the reward will be. You need clips that are 50 FPS+ and your agma nickname will need to be set to '' during all the clips. Also most of the game settings like Fancy grind, Skins, wearables, names need to be on. So the video will look better in visual. The quality needs to be 720P or higher. Editing: The editng need to be cut (a perfect duration with the clips) FX: you did one revese then you let the video for a bit and then jump to the next clip. And not waste the viewers time, Sound: The sound is really impoartand cuese it needs to be in the same rythm with the video (when a really good moment happends on the video the songs beat goes up too). There are still some small details you need to know, If you have any questions join our discord server

Can i get Support role on
Even that doesen't really need new supports you can always try. ... To become an supporter you will need to have these requirements Requirements if you do meet these requirements for at least 3 months or even less you may apply for Support role on the discord server. Privileges : Having support you will get in game rewards (not always). Being an support you will be able to be an chat moderator on games discord server

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